We are the Walters Family from Chatham County, North Carolina and we sing bluegrass & country gospel.  Our family is Robbie (Dad), Kathryn (Mom), Sarah Katherine (age 17), Shelby Lynn (age 15) andLaura Ann (age 13).  

Our story has God's hands all over it.   In 2009 we picked up our instruments for the first time, literally.  Neither Robbie or Kathryn had ever learned to play an instruments or sing.  After Robbie picked up a guitar and took a few lessons, the rest of the family decided they'd be interested in learning to play themselves.  We found a great teacher, Tim Moon, at Evan's Music Center in Asheboro, NC that would teach us all together.  So, Robbie picked up the guitar, Kathryn the banjo, Sarah Katherine the fiddle, and Shelby Lynn the banjo and we strummed our first notes.   Laura Ann was three at the time but she's joined us since with a mandolin and Kathryn is now playing the upright bass.  We figured if we could play a song together on the porch within a year, we'd we tickled.

Well, the Lord had much bigger plans for us!   Slowly, we learned to play together.....in time with each other... and later learned to "take individual breaks" and sing.  The Lord recieves all the credit for this incredible journey!  We went from playing music not even being on our agenda and Kathryn not being able to keep a steady beat through a whole song, to playing for folks in churches and local events.  We never imagined that the Lord would ask us to be part of spreading His Gospel like this.  We firmly believe that if you trust the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and live your life for Him, He'll put you to work for His Kingdom and His Glory.  He'll equip you for the job He has for you and sustain you in that work.  Robbie always says that if you are willing, God will wear you out, but we also know He'll give you what you need to see it through.  Our music ministry is proof that is true.   The Lord has provided the opportunities to sing and play and through the generosity of gifts the needs of our music ministry have been provided for.  This is God's band and we want Him to run it the way He sees fit, it is after all the very best way.

We have no idea where this journey will take us and that's alright.  We are trusting the Lord to lead us, sustain us, and use our lives for His Glory!  We are humbled to play and sing for others while sharing God's love and message.

Robbie and Kathryn have been married for twenty-two years and are committed to serving the Lord Jesus Christ as a family with three daughters.  Neither grew up in musical families, but now help hold the rhythm for the family band.  Robbie plays a steady rhythm guitar and sometimes come in to add a fourth harmony part to the songs he sings with his girls.  Kathryn plays the upright bass and handles most of the booking, correspondence, website, and social media for the band. 

Sarah Katherine is the oldest of the Walters girls.  At fifteen, she’s the fiddle player in the band and loves arranging harmony parts.  She also plays guitar, mandolin and piano.  She wrote her first original song, “Faith Like That”, at the age of eleven, which became the title track for band’s 2014 recording.  She continues to write songs that glorify our Lord and touch hearts.

At thirteen, Shelby Lynn is the banjo player but also loves playing acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin, lap steel, piano and drums.  She sings lead vocals on many of our songs and contributes to the tight three part sister harmony.  The first original song she wrote at age 11, “Jesus Does Too”, became the family’s first music video.

Laura Ann is the youngest sister in the family and at eleven she plays the mandolin, guitar and piano.  Laura Ann penned her original song, “High is the King” at the age of seven and continues to work on song writing